Main areas

Polar and mountain environments – research has focussed on the dynamics of Polar and cold mountain environments in a changing climate, on:
- mapping, monitoring and modelling permafrost and the active layer;
- monitoring geomorphodynamics of cold environments;
- remote sensing of snow and polar vegetation;
- paleoenvironmental reconstruction of cold environments.

The overarching objective is contributing to research on the dynamics of cold environments and linkages to the Global Climate System. For this, cryospheric variables and conditioning factors are being monitored and modelled, with a focus in the Antarctic Peninsula region. The objectives are framed within the Global Terrestrial Network for Permafrost (GTN-P – IPA/WMO) and the SCAR/IPA Expert Group on Permafrost, Soils and Periglacial Environments (G. Vieira, Co-Chair). Together with CCMAR and IMAR, the Geocryology team coordinates the Portuguese Polar Programme (PROPOLAR) and is responsible for managing national logistics in the Antarctic (