Latest peer reviewed publications

Oliveira, A., Lopes, A. & Correia, E. (2022). Annual summaries dataset of Heatwaves in europe, as defined by the Excess Heat Factor. Data in Brief, 44 (22).

Reis, C., Lopes, A. & Nouri, A.S. (2022). Assessing urban heat island effects through local weather types in Lisbon's Metropolitan Area using big data from the Copernicus service. Urban Climate, 43.

Oliveira, A., Lopes, A. & Niza, S. (2022). Excess Heat Factor climatology, trends and exposure across European Functionaal Urban Areas. Weather and Climate Extremes, 36.

Projecto de Tese de Doutoramento

Desfesa de Projecto de Tese de Doutoramento 
Foi denfendido com o sucesso o Projecto de Tese de Doutoramento "Caracterização agroclimática das regiões costeiras da Guiné-Bissau e sua influência na produção do arroz  de mangal".

Candidato: Mestre Orlando Mendes

Arguência: Profª Doutora Maria José Roxo - Univ. Nova de Lisboa

Orientador: Prof Doutor Marcelo Fragoso - IGOT



"MALMON is a 5-year project funded by the European Community within the “Development Smart Innovation through Research in Agriculture” (DeSIRA) initiative [FOOD/2019/412-700, DeSIRA_GB]”"

"The purpose of MALMON project is maximizing immediate and long-term impact of public investments through the mobilization and integration of science and local knowledge capable to improve mangrove rice farming system and to support the contribution of mangroves’ products and services to the livelihood."

The Zephyrus group is a project partner under the supervision of Marcelo Fragoso.


Latest peer reviewed publications

Leal, M.; Fragoso, M.; Lopes, S. & Reis, E. (2020) Material damage caused by high-magnitude rainfall based on insurance data: Comparing two flooding events in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area and Madeira Island, Portugal. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 51, 101806;

Neto, C.; Costa, J.C.; Figueiredo, A.; Capelo, J.; Gomes, I.; Vitória, S.; Semedo, J.M.; Lopes, A.; Dinis, H.; Correia, E.; Duarte, M.C. & Romeiras, M.M. (2020)  The Role of Climate and Topography in Shaping the Diversity of Plant Communities in Cabo Verde Islands. Diversity, 12 (2), 80;

Reis, C.; Lopes, A.; Correia, E. & Fragoso, M. (2020). Local Weather Types by Thermal Periods: Deepening the Knowledge about Lisbon's Urban Climate. Atmosphere, 11 (8),  840;


ECCA - European Climate Change Adaptation conference

CCA 2019 | CCB, Lisbon | 28–31 May | 4th European Climate Change Adaptation conference

Communications from Zephyrus researchers
Tuesday 28 May, SS002 • OC009 | Room S2 

Ana Oliveira; António Lopes; Samuel Niza
Extreme temperatures changes from 1950 to 2018 in 5 Mediterranean cities: trend analysis from E-OBS time-series data. 

Thursday 30 May, SS047 • OC277 | Room S10

Cláudia Reis; António Lopes
Evaluation of the cooling potential of green spaces in Lisbon as a measure of climate change adaptation